Available now for introductory price of $49.95  “John Henry’s Sweet Freedom” – A daring search for freedom - Australian outback travel adventure.

Instilling in readers the fun-excitement-adventure and an appreciation of the wonders of the natural environment, this book is a true outback 4WD travel adventure based on our young family's original “search for freedom”. It showcases outback Australia, its people, wildlife and spectacular scenery by use of visually stunning photography. The storyline is a very personal and thought provoking read as we share our own search for freedom.

The book spans 24 months during which we toured and slept on the road covering over 190,000 kms. It is the story of a resourceful man, supportive wife and their young child going where few families have dared to go. It covers expeditions to buffalo and cattle catching camps, interaction with remote Aboriginal communities and encounters with crocodiles, sharks, manta rays, and many other coastal and outback adventures.

The book shows that remote off road and outback travel is not just for macho males and that travel can be a wonderful “school of life” for youngsters. It will motivate readers to think about the world they live in and give them confidence that they too can gain an appreciation of the wonders of nature by venturing off the beaten track.

John Henry's Sweet Freedom
Price: $49.95
John Henry’s Sweet Freedom – A daring search for freedom
DVD Only - Price: $10.00
Sweet Freedom

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